Broccoli Pasta

Number of Servings: 4


280g wholewheat fusilli
1 cube vegetable stock
1.2L water
2 broccoli heads
1/2tbsp light olive oil
3 cloves garlic
1/4tsp Italian herb seasoning
1/4tsp ground black pepper

1 Mince the garlic, and chop broccoli into bite-sized pieces or even smaller than that.

2 In a sauteed pan heat oil together with garlic.  Stir-fry broccoli.  Season with herb seasoning and ground black pepper.

3 Meanwhile, bring water to the boil.  Dump the cube of vegetable stock to dissolve.  Add pasta and cook for 6 minutes.

4 Pour half-cooked pasta, together with the starchy pasta water into sauteed pan.  Stir well with broccoli.  Cook for another 6 minutes, or until all liquid evaporates and the sauce thickens.


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